Beautiful Korea

Beautiful Korea

Friday, October 29, 2010

Zombie Pirate Rabbit

I actually managed to find some Halloween stickers here in Korea this year for the first time. (Don't worry, Clarissa, there weren't even close to enough of them for me to use for my class activity, so the stickers you sent were needed and much appreciated!)

Korea's take on Halloween stickers is mostly pretty similar to America's: no Frankensteins, and fewer witches and vampires, but lots of pumpkin/jack o' lanterns, ghosts, and skeletons. There was, however, one that I'm not sure you'd see in America. So I present for your amusement, the Zombie Pirate Rabbit:
Zombie Pirate Rabbit

I think this may be my halloween costume for next year, if I can find the makings.

Halloween Decorations

Last year, I was too busy with the incredibly stressful preparations for the open class I had to do to have energy or time for finding or making decorations for my classroom at Halloween.

This year, the open class was much less stressful, and it was finished on October 19th. So I had a little time to look for decorations. I found a ghost garland and a glow-in-the-dark plastic skeleton at Home Plus, but had no luck at Namdaemun. Fortunately, I was able to find some printable Halloween decorations online, partly with the help of a friend. (Thanks, Clarissa!) Unfortunately, it was a lot of work to cut them out after printing them, so my classroom wasn't fully decorated until Wednesday this week. It really seemed a shame to start taking them down Friday evening!

Anyway, to get the most out of them, I thought I'd share them here.
Halloween decor 1
Halloween rats 1
Halloween rats 2
Halloween rats 3
Halloween sitting vampire
Halloween decor 2
Halloween decor 3
Halloween decor 4