Beautiful Korea

Beautiful Korea

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday and Sunday (3/14-3/15)

This weekend was another boring one. I spent most of the weekend taking, editing, and uploading pictures, writing up blog entries (see what I do for you people?), and cleaning.

Plus cooking, washing dishes, and laundry. Yeah, it's an exciting life we expatriates lead!

So now the bathroom is completely clean, except I want to try to get the hard water stains off the glass shower enclosure (I sprayed it with vinegar and let it sit and then wiped it vigorously, but it wasn't enough), and I still have to give the floor a good scrubbing (it's already been vacuumed and cleaned with a rag and soapy water, but that wasn't enough, it's going to take abrasive cleaner and a scrub brush). The kitchen is all clean except the ceiling (and yes, that does indeed need cleaning--every SINGLE SURFACE in this apartment needed cleaning). The closets and closet doors have been thoroughly wiped down, and the bureau drawers have been wiped clean. The entryway is mostly clean, so most of the cleaning that remains is the floor, ceiling, walls, and windows of the main room. Whee. My arms are already very tired from scrubbing!

I also wrote up lesson plans for tomorrow.

In the fun category, I did spend some time reading, and managed to finish Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves, and started another book (one that was free for the Kindle, by T. A. Pratt).

And now we're all caught up through today!

The box I sent by UPS (because the US mail said it was too large) arrived at UPS on Tuesday, but I didn't get it until Friday because they demanded all kinds of things to clear it through customs: a complete list of the entire contents, a copy of my passport, and a letter explaining why I had shipped these items. Meanwhile, the boxes I sent via US mail arrived on Wednesday with no issues whatsoever. I am totally never using UPS again if I can possibly avoid it. They are *always* the biggest pain in the butt.

When the UPS box finally came (it contained the PS2 and DDR pad), of course I had to test them out! And everything made it just fine.

I'm all unpacked and everything is put away.

I keep forgetting that at E-mart if you're buying loose vegetables, you have to weigh them and print out a label or something like that. The checkers do not have codes to enter for them, so if you haven't printed a scannable sticker for them, you're out of luck. I've forgotten that twice now (I blame jet lag), with sweet potatoes and with bananas. Hopefully third time's the charm, and I'll remember to print labels for them next time. The other fruits and vegetables I bought (potatoes, apples, tangerines, green onions, mushrooms) were pre-bagged, so at least I managed to buy those successfully!

Thing I love about Korea: 2 liter bottles of mango juice!

Please send: a maid to do my cleaning!



  1. I'm glad the UPS box finally made it and that you're all unpacked. Interesting about the veggies at E-mart. That would take a while to get in the habit of.

    I haven't heard of Interworld at all; will have to look it up. Was it good?

  2. my mom's grocery store (in the middle of darkest central PA) has the print your own labels thing too for vegetables. I think it's fabulous fun. I want my stores to get one so I can practice guessing weights!

  3. ah, I thought I'd seen it somewhere in the US at least once, but then I thought maybe I was hallucinating. Awesome :)

  4. Yay for Pratt! I hope you like it- I know some people really loathed it, but I thought it was great, rather sick, fun.