Beautiful Korea

Beautiful Korea

Monday, January 31, 2011

Three things I learned this weekend

1) Have a plan for the weekend. That way I won't spend most of it dithering over what I want to do or flitting from one thing to another. Where on earth did Sunday go?
2) Cinnamon is lovely in coffee or on oatmeal or other hot cereal. Clove and allspice are lovely on oatmeal or hot cereal, but should never, ever, ever be put in coffee. *shudder*
3) Never, never, never let myself run out of cinnamon again. (In my defense, it's really not my fault. The cinnamon I had came in a plastic jar. The cinnamon clings to the sides, making it impossible to see how full/empty the jar is. And the plastic is thick and surprisingly heavy--heavier than the glass jar the previous cinnamon came in--so I really had no way of knowing that it was almost empty until I shook it and nothing more came out.)

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