Beautiful Korea

Beautiful Korea

Monday, April 27, 2009

Around Pyeongchon

Back in March, I took a walk in my neighborhood to a local park. It was long before the trees started turning green, so it will probably be prettier now, and I'll go back and take some pictures soon. But despite the bare trees, empty waterways, and not-yet-green grass, the park still had plenty of interest to offer.

A chance to exercise, without paying gym membership fees:

A playground for the little tykes:

A place to skateboard and rollerskate:

A large open area where kids rode bikes:

And a place to play a game something like croquet (although not croquet, based on the layout of the hoops and the fact that the stake is in the center):

There were also places where water flows in warmer seasons, that will probably be quite lovely once they're filled:

There were also a few in-the-ground kinds of fountains for kids to play in, once they turn them on.

Although not as pretty as it will be when all green and blooming, there were still lovely spots in the park, like this walkway lined with sculpted trees and planters of flowers:

But the most notable feature of the park during winter is all the sculptures scattered around the park. Here is just a sample:

Besides the park, here are a couple of other images from near my apartment.

An odd something (ornament? antenna? something else?) on top of a building:

And a picture of part of Pyeongchon Junction at night:

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  1. I especially like the dragon columns! It's neat that there's so much urban art.