Beautiful Korea

Beautiful Korea

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Now you've seen the school, my office, and my classroom, so here's a few pictures around Gwacheon (the city where the school is located).

First, on my walk to work, about half of it (the last half) is on a pedestrian walkway that goes past the school building. Here's what that looks like:

Not bad, huh? Of course, a few weeks ago when the trees were bare, it didn't look nearly so nice.

Along that path, there's a house with a really cool door:

And there are also several bird cages like this one:

This one has three birds in it, they're green with yellow and red/orange heads. (You can see two of them if you look closely in the picture, near the top of the cage on the left and near the center. The one on the left is behind the white strings.)

I tried to get pictures of the birds, but my camera insisted on focusing on the netting the cage is made from. Other cages contain cockatiels, and one has a parrot with a gray body and a red head.

Elsewhere in Gwacheon there is a pedestrian walkway lined with cherry trees that were all blooming a couple of weeks ago, so I went for a walk there one day and took some pictures:

Things I love about Korea: sweet potato pastry filling

Please send: Trader Joe's



  1. If you zoom in on the bird and depress the shutter button part way, it may focus on the bird, and then you could take a picture (or try switching into one of the other modes rather than the auto mode). Just a thought.

    I love streets where the trees form an arch! I miss that, living in coastal California with relatively few trees. Thanks for the photos! It looks beautiful.

    It's been so hot here the two days since I got back from CATESOL--nearly 100! Gah.

    Trader Joe's, hmm. I don't think I can afford the postage on that, hahahaha.

  2. I'll experiment. I'm sure there's a way to make it work, I just haven't had time to fiddle around with the settings.

    Yes, the walkways here are lovely. It's great to have that walk at the beginning and end of each day.

    You mean you can't send me an entire store? Why nooooot?